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  1. Tis better to give and receive: Bring (3x) pieces of apparel minimum that are lightly worn or unused. Please wash prior to bringing!

  2. Ticket Ride: For each item of clothing you bring, you will receive one ticket. These tickets will be your swap currency. To be allowed to take an item, you must turn in your ticket.

  3. Early Bird Gets the Worm: Shopping will occur in groups. The earlier you arrive, the better chances you get at being one of the first to shop!

  4. Duel at dawn: If two people discover the same item at the same time, the dispute must be settled with a coin toss!

  5. No Reserved items: To be fair to everyone, we cannot allow items to be held for other group members. If you want to meet at another time to trade that is tots fine.

  6. You don’t have to go home but you need to…: Event begins at 1pm sharp and starts wrapping up at 5:30pm. Please be mindful that our experiential team needs time to clean up the event space prior to leaving.

  7. Good vibes & tribes: This event is meant to bring beautiful minds together to raise funds for girls between 12-17 years of age. Let’s make it a fun one!

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